Our mission is to provide innovative, solid and lasting solutions to our clients’ business needs.

Over 20 years management consulting experience in top multinational consulting firms
More than 50 consulting projects delivered with success at major local and multinational clients
Experience across more than 6 industries
Proven world class methodology, applied with success in assignments for more than 20 years
Deep understanding of business issues and opportunities, drawing on more than 25 years business experience with leading local and multinational companies
We believe that achieving the desired results is the key to any successful engagement. 
We appraise the success of a project with the value it adds to our clients. We believe consulting engagement is one of the most critical investments organizations make, and the return should not be less than any other.
We are rigorous in everything we do, from our deliverables to our communication style.
Our reason of existence is to help our client with thinking the unthinkable. On the others hand we know the local realities and we are realistic about what is applicable and what is not.
We respect our clients’ culture and business environment and we retain our business ethics and integrity in all conditions.

We have delivered projects in leading local clients as well as some of the global companies operating in Turkey. We are proud to state that we have helped numerous world class companies to achieve their objectives during our over 20 year career, and we sincerely voice that we have learnt a lot from them as well.


We have helped our clients in the following industries:

Retail, Automotive & Components, Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Media, Textile & Apparel, Telecom, Consumer & Industrial Products, Logistics and Transportation, Construction, Small And Medium Business



We have helped our clients to achieve substantial and solid business benefits.  Our commitment to success of our clients include, not being limited to, the following accomplishments:

  • Cost reduction and significant profitability improvement

  • Realization of effective organization structure

  • New processes running effectively and efficiently

  • Designed/Selected, up and running systems meeting business requirements

Selected Credentials

Our team has delivered more than 50 projects with success. Please find below a few selected success stories of selected credentials which demonstrate our capabilities and accomplishments of our team in the past.


Supported the Turkey roll-out of long term efficiency program of global pharmaceutical company.


Achieved significant cost reduction and improved overall supply chain efficiency.

Helped travel and transportation organization to optimize its headcount and operations and to develop a strategic business plan.

Restructured organization of leading retailer chain, simplified organization and designed corporate targets for management layers.

Helped leading home electronics company to redesign business processes and align to ERP system.


Helped major local textile manufacturer to improve capacity utilization and profitability. Capacity increased with better use of existing facilities, with negligible investment.



Helped leading construction company to define software requirements and supported software selection. System is up and running meeting business requirements.