We can help you to develop, formulate and implement the right strategy to seize the opportunities ahead.

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We can help you to develop, formulate and implement the right strategy to seize the opportunities ahead.


Strategy Formulation


First move before embarking on a change program or major business initiatives is to define the organization’s ambition, what it aims to achieve and how to achieve them. 

We can combine our industry view and strategy formulation methodology with your management teams insights, to define the strategic roadmap to achieve your goals.


Our Strategy Formularion Services include:


  • SWOT and PEST analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Strategic positioning

  • Vision and mission statement development

  • Corporate values definition

  • Critical success factors definition

  • Differentiation factors identification

  • Action plan development


Balanced Scorecard


A strategy is as good as how well it is understood by the organization and how well it is implemented. We can help to link strategy to actions, by defining and measuring what the organization wants to achieve and by enabling every unit of the organization be aware of that.



Our Balanced Scorecard Services include:


  • Create the link between corporate strategy and actions

  • Define performance measures

  • Balance corporate targets With business dimensions (customers, operations, financials, innovation, employees)

  • Cascade performance measures and  targets to organizational layers

  • Define the processes and infrastructure for effective performance reporting


Turquality Preparation


Turquality accreditation is a critical initiative with no option to fail.

We can help you to be prepared before starting your journey with Turquality. Your first move will be more definitive than any other, for succeeding in Turquality accreditation. 



Our Turquality Preparation Services include:


  • Positioning and competitive analysis

  • Identify performance gaps prior to Turquality assessment

  • Market, product, competition analysis

  • Define action plan to close performance gaps

  • Identify business opportunities

  • Develop brand strategy

  • Develop go to market strategy

  • Develop high level business plan to seize opportunities

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Diagnostic & Due Diligence


Business as usual may bear hidden potential which may add unprecedented value to the organization, once identified and unlocked.

Let us bring a new point of view on your operations. We can help you identify issues and opportunities, which may look like business as usual to you. We have worked with a wide range of clients, from your peers to industry leaders, with similar issues you may be facing today, and we can leverage on that experience.


Our Diagnostic & Due Diligence Services include:


  • Develop a new point of view on performance and operations

  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking against peers and best practices

  • Identify performance gaps and define action plan

  • Reallocate resources and prioritize investment plan

  • Measure the impact of initiatives on financials and corporate value

  • Support M&A decisions

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