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Management Consulting

Supply chain cost comprise the majority of an organization's cost base and balance sheet, and is the primary driver for value, depending on the nature of the industry.

Supply chain effectiveness and efficiency is the most influential element on customer service and product quality. Our structured and analytical methods can help you to identify opportunities to reduce supply chain cost, optimize inventory, synchronize supply with demand, improve capacity utilization and reduce overall working capital while enabling a faster and more flexible delivery of products and services.

Business Process Reengineering

 Processes are the DNA of an organization, differentiating it from competition and others. Well-designed processes will boost efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and will be the primary means to achieve the organizations targets. Our structured methodology, which has been tested hundreds of times in other clients, can help you to reinvent your business processes, hence your organization.


Our Business Process Reengineering Services include:

  •  Reengineering of business processes in line with business strategy

  • Simple and lean process design

  • Focus on internal and external customer value creation

  • Best use of systems and technology for efficient and effective processes

  • Process – organization structure alignment

  • Corporate documents preparation (process maps, procedures, job descriptions, key performance indicators)


Organization Design

If processes are the DNA of the organization, the organization structure itself is where we see how healthy and strong it is. We can support you to define the right organization, where products, markets, customers and operations are more complex than never have been before.


Our Organization Design Services include:

  •  Business model design (functional, process based, matrix, team based...) aligned with strategy and processes

  • Responsibility, accountability and authority definitions

  • RACI charts and job descriptions development

  • Competency assessment and development plan preparation



Cost Optimization

Capital released by saving cost is the best funding source for investments and growth.

Making best use of existing facilities is the most adequate way to grow your capacity.

We can help your organization, adopting a lean and innovative mind set, to funding its business initiatives with its own capital, without spending more. Our cost optimization services leverage consulting and business themes, with a strong focus on cost optimization and value creation.


Our Cost Optimization Services include:

  • Focus on cost reduction to free up capital for funding growth and innovation

  • Eliminate waste throughout the organization

  • Best use of existing resources (human resources, facilities and technology, funds) to optimize spend

  • Prioritize investment and resource allocation to improve overall profitability

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