We have alliance with leading supply chain management solutions and simulation tool to create value for our customers.

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JDA delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions that help you seamlessly connect your supply chain and profit more in an omni-channel world.

More than 4,000 JDA global customers use JDA integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize costs, increase revenue and reduce time to value.

JDA Software is the only company recognized as a leader in ALL FIVE Gartner Supply Chain Magic Quadrants! We are immensely proud to serve the 20 companies that appear in the Gartner Top 25 supply chain list and share their passionate commitment to innovation and social responsibility.

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Develop models using all three modern simulation methods:


The three methods can be used in any combination, with one software, to simulate business systems of any complexity. In AnyLogic, you can use various visual modeling languages: process flowcharts, statecharts, action charts, and stock & flow diagrams.

AnyLogic was the first tool to introduce multimethod simulation modeling, and still remains the only software that has that capability.

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