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Achieving growth while sustaining profitability has been the major challenge for the manufacturing industry for years. The trend will continue and implementation of new business models and efficient supply chain management will remain as top priority initiatives to cope with competition from local and global players



How We Can Help

Sales and Demand Forecasting: Use machine learning / advanced analytics to predict demand and improve supply chain planning

Inventory Optimization: Define the right safety stock policy to proactively reduce material, product and semi-finished product stock


Maintenance Prediction: Predict failure and maintenance requirements proactively to mitigate production reliability risks


Yield Optimization: Optimize machine and equipment utilization for the best product mix to improve profitability

Digital Twin Development: Enhance insight and understanding of how your operation works and make informed decisions on investments, innovations, production plans and process changes

Business Model Reengineering: Redesign your processes, organization structure and system requirements

Any Other: Please let us know what challenges you face, and let’s discuss how we may help.

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