Each industry has its own specific issues and opportunities. Let us work with you to unlock your organizations potential for growth, profitability and innovation.

Please find below our point of view in selected industries. Our experience is not limited to these industries.

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Retail industry is being reshaped by digital technologies, as never seen before. On customer side new channels are being introduced, shifting the power to customers with high expectations on service and variability, while analytics solutions promise great potential for effective category management, and finally integrated supply chain plays a critical role in achieving agility and flexibility, while reducing cost.


Logistics & Transportation


Transforming from being a commodity service provider to a value adding business partner for customers will remain as the primary challenge for Logistics and Transportation industry. This transformation challenge will need implementation of new business models, better customer business insight, and integrated, efficient and visible operations.


Consumer & Industrial Products


Achieving growth while sustaining profitability has been the major challenge for C&I Products industry for years. The trend will continue and implementation of new business models and efficient supply chain management will remain as top priority initiatives to cope with competition from local and global players.

Textile & Apparel


Textile and Apparel industry is endeavoring to manage a complex ecosystem from global brands to local toll manufacturers, while trying to cope with meeting demanding customer needs on agility, flexibility and cost. Becoming a value adding supplier to global brands, including design and innovation, while coping with global competition, will be a major challenge to stand out in this highly competitive industry.




Media industry is experiencing pressure on traditional printed media, while trying to seize the enormous opportunities in digital and mobile channels. Convergence of digital and traditional media, coupled with unlocking the opportunities in social media requires new business models, and unprecedented focus on customer experience.



Construction industry has been the primary growth engine for our economy during the recent years. It may be the time for the industry to restructure itself, setting the bar higher for new challenges and opportunities, by controlling cost and excelling in project management.


No matter what the industry you are in, the key challenges will be to have the robust foundation to support rapid growth, comprising the right business model aligned with processes and systems, as well as a well formulated strategy. Let us help you, leveraging our experience with major industries and our proven methodology, to boost your organizations growth and to implement a corporate culture.