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Retail industry is being reshaped by digital technologies, as never seen before. On customer side new channels are being introduced, shifting the power to customers with high expectations on service and variability, while analytics solutions promise great potential for effective category management, and finally integrated supply chain plays a critical role in achieving agility and flexibility, while reducing cost

How We Can Help

Category Management: Make best use of off-line store space and on-line channels, presenting your products in the optimum way to draw your customer attention

Customer Segmentation: Know your customer segments, their expectations and behavior to propose the right products and services


Channel Clustering: Not all stores are equal. Understand your store potential and allocate the right product to the right store


Churn Prediction: Identify propensity to leave of your customers and take proactive action


Inventory Optimization: Define the right safety stock policy to proactively reduce stock out and reduce tied in working capital


Next Product Proposal: Understand your customer need and propose the right product to increase your sales potential


Demand Prediction: Use machine learning / advanced analytics to predict customer demand

Pricing and Promotions: Set the optimum price to create value for your organization and for the consumers

SKU Rationalization: Decide wisely what to sell and what not to

Business Model Reengineering: Redesign your processes, organization structure and system requirements

Any Other: Please let us know what challenges you face, and let’s discuss how we may help.

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