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Data Science & Analytics

The amount and variety of new data generated in the world today are unprecedented. This available big data promises great opportunities for organizations to use the data to create value. We help our clients to put data at work and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data and turn them into business advantage.

Leveraging on our industry expertise and technical skills, we deliver advanced analytics and machine learning applications for making critical business decisions and improving effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.

Churn Prediction: Identify propensity to leave of your customers and take proactive action


Inventory Optimization: Define the right safety stock policy to proactively reduce stock out and reduce tied in working capital.


Next Product Proposal: Understand your customer need and propose the right product to increase your sales potential


Demand Prediction: Use machine learning / advanced analytics to predict customer demand.


Pricing and Promotions: Set the optimum price to create value for your organization and for the consumers.


SKU Rationalization: Decide wisely what to sell and what not to.

Inventory Optimization: Define the right safety stock policy to proactively reduce material, product and semi-finished product stock.


Maintenance Prediction: Predict failure and maintenance requirements proactively to mitigate production reliability risks


Yield Optimization: Optimize machine and equipment utilization for the best product mix to improve profitability

Category Management: Make best use of off-line store space and on-line channels, presenting your products in the optimum way to draw your customer attention.

Route Optimization: Save time and cost, while improving on-time delivery and customer service level with the right vehicle on the right route.

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